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no more cynic raps!
performed, composed, mixed n art by mari geti 2016

”SWANG THRU” background vocals by lily sage

thank you to my friends for listening n giving feedback n thank you to those that inspired me to create this


released December 15, 2016

Once upon a time there in a grassy knoll lived a rabbit named Ferdinand. Ferdinand was born with 6 fingers on all 10 of his feet. Awaking with her legs sprawled across the terrace of her mossy hideaway, she noticed a peculiar scent lingering in the air: It was the smell of forgiveness. Ferdinand forgave the mailman for stealing her carrots. Ferdinand forgave god for denying the plants water during hot summer days. Ferdinand forgave her parents for running off to the carrot festival on her 13th birthday and never coming back. Ferdinand forgave her children for not being everything Ferdinand had expected of them: good chewers. Ferdinand forgave her predators for searching for her at night in attempts to squander her livelihood and score a feast. Ferdinand forgave herself for eating carrots with no remorse. Ferdinand forgave herself. Ferdinand fell back to sleep.

God loves all creatures. I'm unsure if god exists. I can’t even capitalize an idea in a sentence. It’s just an idea. That doesn’t mean that the idea isn’t powerful and me believing in it whole heartedly doesn’t mean that I straight up don’t believe in the higher power. I do believe that god is with me. I believe that god is with me in all of my actions and all of the words that come out of my mouth. I could’ve been robbed and killed a thousands times over at this point in my life. I’ve experienced minor trauma in my early years but thus far (thank god) have came up unscathed. The world is my oyster and i’m blessed to know every human being on earth. My connections with other humans have been spastic dare eye say sporadic but i’ve always been able to find comfort in myself and entertain at least me. Since eye hit puberty i’ve learned how to entertain others but my patience for entertainment has grown thin. I love the show but hate the packaging. God brought me to this earth to articulate my truth and bridge barriers between human beings of all sorts. Class, race, gender, sexual orientation and religion (pretty much the concept of god itself) are devoid of purpose in the world of tomorrow. Unfortunately all of these institutions remain strong and we all want to hang on to what makes us feel at home. The reason why I hate the show is because I feel that in concurrence with me entertaining ideas and demonstrating what it is to be an extreme, to become an idea, I become an idea. I am a human being. God brought me on to this other to exist as a person not an idea. I don’t want to be perceived as god.

If eye flex before I wake I pray that food
will give my jaw a break
been flexing eating since christmas day
kid cuisine is lemonade
sip commercials out of televisions tubes
rubies are rude redder than cubes
embarrassed when spooned
what’s a fork to a spoon but a chopped up cocoon
i haven’t felt at home since the womb
i won’t feel alone in the tomb
you’re all i know and i hold true
i’m never alone when i’m with you
i’m always home when i’m with you
but sometimes i don’t know what to do
we have different passions
not always sure we can make things happen
different directions and distractions
diluting my perspective
but that doesn’t discount my feelings
when we lock knees and elbows i feel like kneeling
you’re a goddess in my presence
i’m a king in the present
the past was irrelevant
i wasn’t loved for who i was then
i wasn’t loved at all
they don’t get it
none could understand what made me who i am
i done run thru friends
fuck bands
fuck money i ain’t run through a check shit ain’t sunny
god wants me
god wants me

eye sleep to remember my past life
couldn’t tell you what the past’s like
present future is my past wife
hourglass is a midwife
time came out the hour glass figure looking like a middle finger to men women and other genders taught that they never deserved perfect that their bodies were worthless closed curtains to her love
so when i see my ugly homies flex and hit up their crush i see doves
we done made it
we done made it
insecurities now just vacant vagrants
mind your ps n qs n placement bc back then we were adjacent to the pavement
20 ft below the dirt my grandfather lay
it was a hot summers day in the middle of late july fate
purple flowers grew out of the sky is the trauma of his brothers and sisters died
it’s ironic the caskets are flaccid with wooden doors akin to iron stove tops on top of a cement mattress
i wanted to play ball when I was 6 but never wanted less than captain
never had the coordination to throw the ball
now girls like me so I had to ball
do I wish I had hands for days like jordan promenade no not at all
andale andale giddy up go every fall
open your heart up to your own reflection just to get neglected.
thanks for coming thru to my reception you were expected. To read my book and tear open the pages my life’s been outrages I could tell you about the places and stages and phases that i’ve been through but it wouldn’t get you deeper into the confines of me

appreciate my ideas n sentence structure i grew up with no structure
we grew up with no structure apply the pressure and we’ll all fall down
It’s bitsy spiders smoked weed n died put your right foot in put your left foot out
I still smell your hair n scent on pillow cases 2:30 am and i’m surely waiting for my eyes to wash me down and wake up say what i want do what i want you’re all i’ll ever want you’re what i want
not a dollar to my name n a key up in my sock
walking thru the graveyard next to the car wash



all rights reserved


MARI GETI Connecticut

no more cynic raps!

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